We offer more than 120 “Strategic Business Blueprint For Success” modules for increasing the success of your business. We have worked with hundreds [if not thousands] of businesses over the last 35 years. These proven business development modules have been developed over the last 25 years and are updated with new information every six months to “stay current with the latest ideas and innovations” …and to provide you with the most successful strategies for increasing the success of your business.

“Hi Shawn, I just wanted to give you an update and say THANK YOU!!!! I just looked at our financial intake for last month, we made more money than we've ever made in a month! I can't thank you enough for all of your wisdom and help but most of all your support. I was giving up on the business and now I feel excited, passionate and fulfilled about our business and especially about our future.” D.W.

Many of our clients “start” with this $545.00 a month program. We often have our initial “business development” clients select the $765.00 a month package with a few who want to “FAST TRACK” the process who choose the $1,295.00 a month option. As you might imagine, depending upon which program you choose, your homework can vary from two hours a week to over ten hours a week.

Business Consulting: The first step to your BUSINESS BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS is our FREE INITIAL INTRODUCTORY PHONE CALL where we will discuss with you…your current business…and/or your business idea… and the best way to assist you in creating more success for you and your business.  EMAIL TO SCHEDULE A VIDEO CALL

Business Success Consulting: “The Strategic Business Blueprint For Success” range from $95.00-$195.00 a month … to $545.00 a month [four hours of time] to $765.00 [six hours of time] a month to best fit your business growth needs. The “introduction/business model” initial set of modules costs $545.00 a month and gets you FOUR hours of work from our business consultants and/or business development attorneys…with, of that time, about 3.0 hours are on the phone with you working with you in developing your business… with FOUR 45 minute phone calls…one phone call a week for four weeks….and then we can explore some of the other proven business development modules and lesson plans. The initial retainer is only $545.00 … to get you STARTED on your quest for greater BUSINESS SUCCESS.

“The Business Blueprint for Success (BB4S) is the most comprehensive coaching program I have seen. Yet, Shawn is able to quickly and accurately discern where I was and where I am each time in my business and apply the appropriate module in simple, understandable bites that gets me excited and moving in the right direction. I find Shawn flexible enough to address pressing issues without losing sight of the big picture. Sometimes it's hard to tell what an alternative path would have looked like, but I think I would have given up on my business if I wasn't coaching with Shawn.” D.A.

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