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“The Business Blueprint for Success (BB4S) is the most comprehensive program I have seen. Shawn is able to quickly and accurately discern where I was and where I am each time in my business and apply the appropriate module in simple, understandable bites that gets me excited and moving in the right direction. I find Shawn flexible enough to address pressing issues without losing sight of the big picture.” D.A.

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Here is your opportunity to Develop Your Business Success … with THREE Easy & Affordable programs… from $295.00 … to $545.00 … to $995.00… includes individual Video Calls or Telephone Calls with you … along with custom download PDFs & Video Recordings for additional ways to improve your Success. Contact us to schedule your initial FREE Video Call or Telephone Call to find out more about how these programs will improve your business success!

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Welcome to The Business Blueprint For Success Books.

[1] You can DOWNLOAD individual WORKBOOKS to receive more comprehensive information to take your business to the next level of success. We offer more than 30 Business Success Workbooks. Each Workbook has 134-152 page that contain 13-14 chapters... along with FREE Business Blueprint For Success Charts and "Narrative Stories" to increase your business success intelligence...  each 134-152 page workbook for only $99.50 ... 134-152 pages in each Workbook download. In these workbooks you get all the chapters on the master topic along with "Business Intelligence" exercises such as "How Business Smart Are You?"... Extra Credit education materials and a variety of Brain Teaser exercises to move you closer to a higher level of business success.

[2] You can DOWNLOAD our MASTERY BOOKS to get all the information you need to reach your full Business Success. We offer three Mastery Volumes. Each Business Success Mastery Book has over 400 pages of information, narratives and worksheets to move your business to the highest levels of business success... you get all the information you need to succeed in business ... you get information you will not see anywhere else... along with a variety of FREE information ...  each Mastery Book for only $298.50 ... 402 pages in each Mastery Book download. These MASTER VOLUMES have all that you need.

 We also can PRINT & MAIL you this GREAT INFORMATION for an additional charge... let us know if you would like to know more. 

We also offer DIRECT "BUSINESS SUCCESS" CONSULTING SERVICES ... via VIDEO CALL throughout the world ... with the BUSINESS BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS programs ... for you and your business with our Business Experts, each with over 25 years of business success experience... from $295.00 a month [review & two video calls a month] ... to $545.00 [review & four video calls a month ... to $995.00 for custom Consulting Services to fit your needs and schedule. 

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The Business Blueprint For Success programs are able to quickly and accurately discern where I was and where I am each time in my business and apply the appropriate module in simple, understandable bites that gets me excited and moving in the right direction. D.A. 

Here is What You Do Next to Achieve Greater success - 3 Steps

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Here at Business Blueprint For Success, we are dedicated to you and all your business development needs.

We've been providing outstanding services for over 25 years and we've won several awards and hundreds of client testimonials for the RESULTS that we have achieved with our Clients...and, our most important "win" is making you and your business more successful. EMAIL US ... HERE

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An Initial FREE no-obligation VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL to discuss your Business Concerns

Over 120 "Business Blueprint For Success" Business Development Modules & Lesson Plans.

20+ years experienced consultants 
Industry & Technical experts
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Business, Growth & Success planning
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"...wisdom and insights have saved us tons of money, the Blueprint For Success has helped us uncover previously untapped revenue streams in our business. I would recommend the Business Blueprint For Success in a heartbeat.” MA

2018 Business Blueprint For Success - 100% Money Back Guarantee Program

      Seven Steps to Success!
1. “Start” each Monday morning [before 9:00 a.m.] with you emailing this office your weekly goals.
2. Download any one of 30 “Business Mastery” workbooks from https://business-blueprint-for-success.thinkific.com/  [non-refundable] … the “Mastery Courses” for $99.50.
3. Once a day homework program [assignment & updates]; homework & tactics will require about three - five hours a week from you.
4. A once a week: 45-minute video call with one of our Expert Business Consultants
5. Daily updates; your emails to this office on the tactics scheduled for each day/week.
6. This “guarantee program” is “by the week” at $150.00 a week.
7. To stay within the “guarantee program”, you must complete your daily homework.
8. Our weekly video calls, with daily implementation of agreed upon goals, strategies & tactics …  with payment of the $150.00 authorized by you each Friday... 100% Money Back Guarantee!

EMAIL to Engage your 100% Money Back Guarantee Program!​

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Step One:

EMAIL to schedule you initial FREE Video Conference Call or Telephone Callto discuss your business and/or your business idea. 

Step Two:

Prepare for the Video Conference call by writing down your issues, concerns & goals  that you want to achieve to develop Greater Success in Your Life. 

“The Business Blueprint For Success is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful... has an uncanny ability to lift the client from despair to hopefulness with powerful encouragement and then deliver practical solutions to their problem.” D.T. 

“The Blueprint For Success has been instrumental in focusing my attention on the areas most needed for the improvement of my business...a game changing resource for any business owner who is serious about increasing the value of their business, and ultimately, their life.” David 

Business Success Training

Step Three:

Do the homework that we agree upon in each Video Conference/Telephone Call...and get ready to see your business and business ideas flourish and prosper for your Create Success.